Oreon Campaign Setting

A worldbuilding project.

NOTE: The names given for objects, creatures, and places are not the only possible canonical names. If you are building your own region of Oreon you may use whatever names would fit with that region's dominant language.

Solar System

The central star, Alial, is a 4.8Gyr old class G5 star in the Milky Way galaxy.

The first planet, Seron, is a metal-rich planet of 0.08 earth masses at 0.6AU.

Inbetween the first and second planet is a metallic asteroid belt.

The second planet, Oreon, is a life-filled planet of 0.8 earth masses at 0.8AU. Its atmosphere is composed of 76% nitrogen, 22% oxygen, and 2% trace gases. It has two small moons, 'Er' and 'Et', in a 3:1 orbital resonance.

The third planet, Melon, is a cold, icy planet with a thin nitrogen atmosphere. It weighs 1.2 earth masses and orbits at 2AU. With a warm coat and a source of oxygen it would be possible to walk on its surface.

The fourth planet, Apoleon, is a small rocky planet with no atmosphere. It weighs 0.2 earth masses and orbits at 4AU.

Peoples of Oreon

The peoples of Oreon arose from various species convergently evolving higher intelligence to survive the aftermath of a global extinction event in the distant past. Some have relatively recent common ancestors, while others are more distantly related.

The civilisations of Oreon are very heterogenous. There are many languages, currencies, and ways of life.

Traders, tourists, and adventurers often use metals and precious stones as a universal currency. Labor is usually paid for in local currencies that can be exchanged.


Asean are very diverse and adaptable. They can be found almost anywhere.

Their typical heights and weights range between 1.5-2.2m and 50-100kg. Their skin tones vary between different shades of brown, olive, beige, or pink.

Brick, adobe, thatch, and wood are all common Asean house materials.


Eridian are stocky and tough. Their shouts can be heard clearly from up to a kilometer away and have a shared language for communicating long-distance.

Their typical heights and weights range between 0.7-1.5m and 60-90kg. Their skin tones range between dark beige and pale pink.

Most Eridian have an animist belief system, with plants and animals being mourned for.

Eridian typically build with brick or adobe.


Aurelian are tall, robustly built, and scaly-skinned. They often struggle to speak others' languages, and those that attempt have very thick accents. Many Aurelian learn signed languages or hire interpreters for this reason.

Their typical heights and weights range between 2.1-2.7m and 100-170kg. Their skin tone is typically gray.

Aurelian often live in caves or sod houses.


Related to Asean, Beambeliveren live simple, unclothed village lives in the wilderness. They have a short snout (rather than a flat mouth and sticky-outy nose) and hairlines that follow a wide strip from their brow to the back of their neck.

Their average heights, weights, and skin tones are similar to Asean. They also share the architectural ingenuity of Asean.

While Asean, Eridian and Aurelian have one word for both single and plural, the singular of Beambeliveren is Beambeliver.

Notable Plants of Oreon

Water Apple

Water apples are a sour, brown-green fruit that in lakes and sea shores on long, leafy vines.

Paperbark Tree

The Paperbark tree is named for its fibrous, parchment-like bark that can be harvested without killing it.


A grain that is used flour. It is named after Alial.


A grain that is used for animal feed and cheap gruel. It is named after Oreon's moon Et, from a very early myth explaining why this crop didn't grow in winter.


Almuss is a sweet nut.


A large succulent that bears pink waxy fruit. Some report dreamlike or nightmarish visions after eating the fruit.


A popular starchy tuber.

Notable Creatures and Monsters of Oreon


A medium-sized creature with gray or brown fur domesticated by Asean for hunting. They have long, bare tails and bare feet originally used for climbing trees.


Sifts have mottled green fur, thick stubby beaks, and four thick clawed feet. They wander scratching at leaf litter to find fallen fruit and seeds.


A heavy, hairy, creature that scratches through the forest floor for tubers and mushrooms. It is hunted for meat, though that can be a dangerous endeavour for the inexperienced.

River Thirse

A beast that lurks in rivers and lakes, waiting to snatch prey from the banks with its spiked claws. Not many can claim to have seen one.

Sea Thirse

An enormous legendary monster said to tear apart entire ships and feast on the crew in the depths.


Creatures that reside in the wilderness, avoiding being seen.

Some are said to prey on the ill, weak, and old. They then attack with invisible poison arrows to discourage exploration of the elves' territory. Others are said to leave gifts or advice.


A mythic waterborne people with thin gray fur and no legs. Pa'aten City is said to have been founded by Ilomiran, though nothing of them seems to remain besides the stories about them.