The Þog of 2023-01-04 — Public-Domain Projects I Appreciate

Xoroshiro256++ — A fast, simple PRNG algorithm.

OpenSimplex2 — A set of reasonably fast, relatively simple algorithms for generating gradient noise. Similar to Perlin or Simplex noise, but with less artifacts.

toybox — A collection of Unix-like command-line utilities, including a basic shell and text editor. It also includes some handy libraries, such as: a UTF-8 parser, a Base64 codec, a DEFLATE codec, a LZMA decoder, a bzip2 decoder, and a TTY helper library.

mg — A basic clone of the GNU Emacs text editor, maintained by the OpenBSD project. This link points to a cross-platform port.

mini-rv32ima — A single-header-library for emulating 32-bit RISC-V, capable of booting Linux.