My name is Ada[1] (they/she/it), this is my homepage. I'm a hobbyist C and Python programmer and artist.

All text content, art, and program code is CC0 licensed[2] unless otherwise specified.

mi jan Ata. ni li lipu mi. mi sona e toki pona e toki Inli. mi tonsi. mi pali e sitelen musi. toki nanpa C en toki nanpa Pason li pona tawa mi.

ale ni li tawa sina.




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Programs and Tools

lipu alasa (2022) a Gemtext-based site generator. If you're viewing this page in a web browser, this made the HTML.

C-Xed (2021) a racing game built with the Godot game engine.

gg (2021) A basic Gemini browser written in Python.

Smallquake (2021) A small, software-rendered NetQuake source port with soundtrack and gamepad support.

Bugspray (2020) A fast-paced 2D platformer written in C.


[1] I also go by Sarah, but you can call me whatever.

[2] You can read the CC0 license here. In short, it's public domain and freely usable for any purpose without credit.

[3] You can get my GPG pubkey here. Please only send text/plain email.